When you bake then you need quality bakery supplies from Norfood.

When you need to buy bakery products, then, Norfood is your ideal partner. Here you will find the ideal selection for the busy production area. With competitive pricing and fast, friendly and efficient local delivery network, your needs will be met time after time.
  • Sugar

    Our selection of sugars provide you with quantity, for the production process and smaller packets for the retail environment. Supplied in bulk in 2 or 3 kg bags and retail packets in quantities of 1000. All benefit from Norfood's competitive pricing.

    Granulated Sugar 3kg

    T/L Granulated Sugar 25kg

    Caster Sugar 2kg

    Demerara Sugar 3kg

    Icing Sugar 3kg

    Light Soft Brown Sugar 3kg

    Dark Brown Soft Sugar 3kg

    Cafe Cube White 1kg

    Cafe Cube Demerara 1kg

    Silver Spoon White Sticks (1000)

    Silver Spoon Demerara Sticks (1000)

  • Flour

    A variety of different flours to enable you to make all sorts of bread, cakes and puddings.

    Cornflour 3.5kg

    Plain Flour 3kg

    Self Raising Flour 3kg

    Plain Flour (BF) 16kg

    Self Raising Flour 16kg

    Gram Flour 2kg

    Natural Breadcrumbs 3kg

    Panko Breadcrumbs 1kg

    Luxuary Scone Mix 3.5kg

    Crumble Mix 3.5kg

    Batter Mix 3.5kg

    Baking Powder 800g

    Bicarbonate of Soda 1kg

  • Dr Oetker/Cooking Sweets

    This selection of chocolate for use in baking has been an established favourite of bakers for over 60 years. Including dark, milk and light chocolates in block or drop format. We have also included the popular marshmallow option that has fast become a favourite for many bakery items. Ideal ingredients for use in making or covering cakes or tray bakes.

    Scotbloc Milk Chocolate 3kg

    Scotbloc White Drops 3kg

    Scotbloc Milk Drops 3kg

    Natural Vanilla Extract 500ml

    Vanilla Pods 50g jar

    White Mini Marshmallows 500g

    Lemon Juice 200ml

    Yellow Food Colouring 500ml

  • Preserves

    A choice of preserves for use in the baking process. Covering the most popular choices that are commonly used in bakeries. Supplied in convenient sized containers. Sourced from Scotland, supplied by Arran Preserves, a well-established supplier to the foodservice industry based on the Isle of Arran.

    Mixed Fruit Jam 3.1kg

    Raspberry Jam 3.1kg

    Strawberry Jam 3.1kg

     Golden Syrup 7.25kg

    Pouring Golden Syrup 454g

    Maple Syrup 454g

    Margetts Cranberry Sauce 2.5kg

    Margett's Apple Sauce 2.5kg

    Margett's Redcurrant Jelly 3kg

    Raspberry Jelly Crystals 3.5kg

    Peanut Butter 340g

  • Dried Fruit

    An essential ingredient for many bakery items, Norfood offer a comprehensive selection of dried fruits for use in your bakery production. Keenly priced and supplied in convenient package sizes helping you maintain your profit margin targets.

    Raisins 3kg

    Currants 3kg

    Sultanas 3kg

    Chopped Dated 3kg

    Pitted Dates 2kg

    Desiccated Coconut 2kg

    Glace Cherries 1kg


"Great depth of knowledge, quality and flexible. A  local company to deal with, that's why they have supplied us for over 20 years"

Mariner Hotel, Aberdeen

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