Dark Chocolate Bars 3kg £9.00, Dark Chocolate Drops 3kg £9.00
Milk/Plain Chocolate Bar 3kg £10.20, White Choclate Bar 3kg £12.00Mini White Marshmallows 500g £2.60 

Fresh supplies daily from the chiller cabinet

The complete chiller stockist, Norfood will delivery everything you need to have in the chiller day to day. Dairy products, eggs and meats are all here. With regular deliveries then you can be assured of the freshest produce on hand at all times.
  • Butter & Spreads

    Butters and spreads supplied by Pritchards in volumes and portions. Also available Summer County Spread, preferred in many cooking environments.

    Unsalted butter 40 x 250g

    Salted Butter 40 x 250g

    Butter portions 1 x 100

    Summer County Spread 2kg

    Stork 2kg

    Flora Portions 1 x 120

    Clover 2kg



  • Cheese

    Comprehensive range of cheeses for use in sandwiches, cooking and sliced or grated for salads or burgers.

    Grated Coloured Cheddar 2kg

    Grated Cheddar 100% 2kg

    Grated Mozzarella 100% 2kg

    Kerrymaid Grated Cheese 2kg

    Mature Cheddar Block 5kg (approx)

    Mild Cheddar 5kg (approx)

    White Mild Cheddar 5kg (approx)

    Burger Slices 120

    White Cheddar Slices in 50’s

    Kraft Philadelphia 1.65kg

    Brie Wheel

  • Eggs

    Norfood uses Donalds of Huntly for supplies of eggs both fresh and pre-boiled. Donalds have supplied eggs in the North East of Scotland for many years, supplying good quality eggs.

    Boiled Eggs 12doz

    Boiled Eggs 4doz

    Medium Eggs per tray

  • Preserves

    Manufactured by Kerry Foods renowned for quality and consistency. Using carefully sourced fruit, Kerry's range of fruit preserves delivers a delicious, fruity taste and perfect texture every time.

    Duerrs Assorted Jam Flexi-pack (192)

    Duerrs Marmalade portions (192)

    Duerrs Strawberry Jam Flexi-pack (192)

    Duerrs Raspberry Jam Portions (96)

  • Milk & Cream

    Pergal of Milk

    Case of 250ml Milk

    Double Cream 2ltr

    Sour Cream 2kg

    Creme Fraiche 2kg

    Yoghurt 12 x 125g

    Coast Condensed Milk 397g tin

    Milk portions 150

    Meadow Land Double Cream 12 x 1ltr

    Meadow Land Single Cream 12 x 1ltr

    Milac Gold 12 x 1ltr

    Kerrymaid Whipping Cream 12 x 1ltr

    Kerrymaid Ready to Serve Custard 12 x 1ltr

    Real Aerosol Cream 500ml

    Coconut Milk 400g tin

    Thick & Creamy Yoghurts 20 x 250g

  • Bacon & Gammon

    Sliced Back Bacon 2.27kg

    Sliced Smoked Back Bacon 2.27kg

    Sliced Streaky Bacon 2.27kg

    Gammon Steaks Loose

    Smoked Houghs

    Green Gammon - Boneless

    Smoked Gammon - Boneless

    Ayr Gigot Visking 

  • Chicken/Pork

    Fresh Chicken

    Fresh Chicken Fillets 5kg

    Fresh Chicken Legs 10-12oz

    Fresh Boneless Pork Loins

  • Cooking Meat

    Supplied from Brown Brothers in Southern Scotland this wide selection of meat provides excellent quality.

    Traditional  Ham 100% Joint

    Turkey Saddle 100% Joint

    Sliced Honey Roast Traditional Gammon 100%  500g

    Cooked Sliced Ham 80% 12 -16 Slices

    Honey Roast Traditional Ham 12 - 16 Slices

    Cooked Btitish Ham Freedomm Foods

    Sliced Shoulder 500g

    Sliced Turkey 500g

    Sliced Roast Beef 500g

    Sliced Pastrami 500g

    Sliced Roast Pork 500g

    Sliced Corned Beef

    Shaved Ham 500g

    Shaved Chicken 500g

    Shaved Turkey 500g

    Norfood Smoked Sausages

    Cooked Streaky Bacon 500g

    Salami 500g

  • Chips
    Chilled Chips 2 x 5kg
  • Puddings

    All of Norfoods puddings are made to traditional Scottish recipes. The root of Norfood is in butchery, so we know what makes a good pudding, you can tell the difference.

    Slicing Black Puddings 1.36kg

    Stornaway Black Pudding

    Slicing Polony NORFOODS 1.81kg

    Haggis  Roll 1.36kg

    Haggis Bung’s

    White Puddings 8’s

    Black Puddings 8’s

    Haggis Puddings 8’s

    Red Puddings 8’s

  • Juice

    Jaffa Orange Juice 12 x 1ltr

    Jaffa Apple Juice 12 x 1ltr

    Kulana Tomato Juice 12 x 1ltr

    Grapefruit Juice 12 x 1ltr


"Always helpful with a good product range, prompt deliveries and always helpful. Keep us informed and up to date on the industry"

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