Our selection of Hot and Soft Drinks

The drinks category is divided into 2. There is a selection of tea and coffee. Also introduced in 2011 a full range of soft drinks provided for you at high competitive prices.

  • Soft Drinks

    All all the major brands that customers commonly request are available as part of our selection. This comprehensive range of soft drinks will provide you with everything you need to ensure your customers get what they want and provide you with excellent margins.

    Recently introduced by Norfood a comprehensive range of soft drinks. You can choose from plastic bottles or cans, water and soft drinks, energy drinks and many others. Provided in convenient pack sizes suitable for every catering business. This range of soft drinks is very keenly priced giving you excellent returns.

    Coca Cola 24 x 330ml Can

    Diet Coca Cola 24 x 330ml Cans

    Fanta Orange 24 x 330ml Cans

    Fanta Twist 24 x 330ml Cans

    Irn Bru 24 x 330ml Cans

    Diet Irn Bru 24 x 330ml Cans

    Lilt  24 x 330ml Cans

    Sprite 24 x 330ml Cans

    Tango Apple 24 x 330ml Cans

    Tango Orange 24 x 330ml Cans

    7UP 24 x 330ml Cans

    Dr Pepper 24 x 330ml Cans

    Vimto 24 x 330ml Cans

    Ginger Bear 24 x 330ml Cans

    Coca Cola 24 x 500ml Bottles (IR)

    Diet Coca Cola 24 x 500ml Bottles (IR)

    Irn Bru 12 x 500ml Bottles

    Diet Irn Bru 12 x 500ml Bottles

    Fanta Orange 12 x 500ml

    Fanta Twist 12 x 500ml Bottles

    Sprite 24 x 500ml Bottles 

    Pepsi 24 x 500ml Bottles 

    DR Pepper 12 x 500ml Bottles

    Moray Cup 12 x 330ml Bottles

    Moray Cup 8 x 1ltr

    Red Bull 24 x 250ml Cans

    Monster Energy 12 x 500ml Cans

    Relentless Original 12 x 500ml Cans

    Lucozade Sport Still Orange 12 x 500ml

    Lucozade Sport Still Raspberry 12 x 500ml

    Lucozade Original 24 x 380ml

    Lucozade Energy Orange 24 x 380ml

    Poweraid blue 12 x 500ml

    Simply Fruity Orange 12 x 300ml

    Simply Fruity Apple and Blackcurrant 12 x 300ml

    Simply Fruity Apple 12 x 380ml

    Perfectly Clear Blackcurrant 12 x 500ml

    Perfectly Clear Lemon & Lime 12 x 500ml

    Perfectly Clear Summer Fruits 12 x 500ml

    Perfectly Clear Strawberry 12 x 500ml

    Mac B Water Apple & Blackcurrant 12 x 500ml

    Mac B Water Cranberry & Raspberry 12 x 500ml

    Mac B Water Lemon & Lime 12 x 500ml

    Mac B Water Strawberry & Kiwi 12 x 500ml

    Mac B Water Peach 12 x 500ml

    Juice Tree Orange 12 x 300ml

    Juice Tree Apple 12 x 300ml

    Yazoo Strawberry Flavoured Milk 10 x 472ml

    Yazoo Chocolate Flavoured Milk 10 x 472ml

    Yazoo Banana Flavoured Milk 10 x 500ml 

    Oasis Citrus Punch 24 x 500ml

    Oasis Summer Fruits 24 x 500ml

    Strathmore Carbonated water 24 x 500ml

    Strathmore Still Water 24 x 500ml

    Still Water 24 x 500ml Flat cap

    Still Water 24 x 500ml Sports Cap

    Deeside Water Glass Still 24 x 250ml

    Deeside Water Glass Sparkling 24 x 250ml

  • Tea/Coffee

    Supplies that cover the commonly used items at a cost-effective price. Bulk supplies of good quality coffee instants and a choice of tea sources for the tea-drinkers. Bulk purchases that give you an excellent price and high margin.

    Nescafe Coffee Granules 750g

    Nescafe Decafe Coffee Instant 500g

    Tetley Tea Bags (1100)

    Typhoo Tea Bags (1100)

    Nescafe Instant Coffee Sticks (200)

    Nescafe Instant Decafe Coffee Sticks (200)

    Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 2kg



"Norfood provide us with a great service and their range of products meet our needs perfectly. . . very helpful during the years I have done business with them"

Keith Crocket, Sizzlers

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