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Quality frozen food supplies at perfect prices

A full selection of frozen products to suit every catering need. With seafood, breads, chicken and other products. Providing selection and quality at excellent prices.
  • Prawns/Fish

    Frozen prawns supplied by Holmes, Lyons and Castle Bay. Holmes are an established supplier providng Norfood with prawns and also procesed items such as Filo prawns and crab flakes. Lyons and Castle Bay deliver good quality products at affordable prices and James Robertson of Aberdeen complete the frozen selection.

    Prawns 2kg (150-250 cnt) - only the best retail-approved prawns from the cool crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic.

    Artic Royal Cold Water Prawns 2kg  (150-250 cnt) - juicy fresh tasting cold water prawns Top jacket potatoes, make that classic sandwich or just make your own prawn cocktail.

    Piper Whole Tail breaded Scampi 454g

    Butterfly Breaded King Prawns 26/30 500g

    Filo Wrapped King Prawns 500g

    James Robertson, Aberdeen Skinless Breaded Haddock 170-200g 1 x 18

    Fresh Haddock 1/2 Stone

    Smoked Diced Haddock 1kg

    Downies Scampi 3kg

    Langoustines 3.18kg

    Crab Sticks 500g

  • Bread

    All you need to have to hand in the bread line. Sourced from various suppliers to bring you a selection of quality produtcs to suit your every need.

    Paninis (30)

    Floured Baps  (48)

    Seeded Buns (48)

    Seeded Bread Gluten Free 380g

    White Bread Gluten Free 380g

    Cater Frost Sliced Floured Buns (48)

    Part baked Small White Baguettes (30)

    Malted Wheat Small Baguettes T&S (30)

    White Petite Pain (100)

    Ciabatattas (30)

    10” Flour Tortilla (50)

    12” Flour Tortilla 7 x 15

    6" Flour Tortilla Wraps 400g pkt

    Papadums 400g

  • Frozen Chicken

    Sourced through leading suppliers of processed poultry products to both the foodservice sectors.

    Frozen Chicken Legs

    Frozen Battered Chicken Steaks 1x12

    Frozen Battered Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chickwich

    Frozen Cooked Diced Chicken 10m 2.5kg

    Frozen Cooked Stripped Chicken 2.5kg

    Frozen 100% Shatter Pack Chicken 15kg

    Frozen Chicken Livers

    Frozen Roast drumsticks (10)

    Frozen Cooked Chicken Breasts 10-12 oz

    Frozen Mini Chicken Fillet Bites 1kg

    Frozen Skewered Tikka Fillets (60)

    Frozen Cooked Chicken Kebabs (20)

    Frozen Crispy Battered Mini Fillets 1kg

    Frozen Southern Fried Chicken Mini Fillets 34-46g

    Frozen American Style Chicken Fillets 90g

    Frozen Cooked Battered Chicken Fillet Bites 25-35g

    Frozen Battered Chicken Nuggets 1kg

    Frozen Sliced Cajun Chicken 1kg

    Frozen Sliced Chinese Chicken 1kg

    Frozen Vesty Chicken Fillets 2kg

  • Frozen products

    Penny Lane Sausages 8s

    Unger Pork & Beef Sausages 4s

    Blakeman's Sausages 8's

    Supreme Blakeman's Sausages 8's

    McKechnie Jess Slice Lorne 1x24

    Dark Island Sliced Lorne

    American Seasoned Burgers 48x4oz

    Flame Cooked Quarter Pounder

    Chunky Economy Burger 48 x 113g

    Vegemince Burgers 24 x 114g

    Traditional Roast Potatoes 2.5kg

    Hash Browns 2.5kg

    Hash Browns 1.36kg

    Fribo BBQ Ribs 30 x 113g

    Fribo Beef Chopsteak 20 x 142g

    Canadian Steakwich 72 x 42g

    Brie Wedges in Crispy Crumb

    Mock Chops (30)

    Battered Natural Onion Rings 1kg

    Potato Scones (6)

  • Chips

    Frozen Stealth Chips 4 x 2.5kg 7/16

    Frozen Stealth Chips 4 x 2.5kg 9/16

    Frozen Chips 4 x 2.5kg 12mm

    Frozen Chips 4 x 2.5kg 14mm

    Frozen Chips 4 x 2.5kg 7mm Extra Crispy

  • Frozen Veg

    Choice Peas 2.5kg

    Baby Carrots 2.5kg

    Broccoli Florets 1kg

    Sweetcorn 2.5kg

    Diced Swede 1kg

    Cut Leeks 1kg

    Mixed Vegetables 1kg

    Cut Green Beans 12kg

    Diced Carrots 1k

    Baton Carrots 1kg

    Brussel Sprouts 1kg

    Cauliflower 2.5kg

  • Promotions
  • Pastries

    A range of pastries. Ideal for buffets.

    Puff Pastry Block 1.5kg

    Puff Pastry Oval 96 x 60g

    Puff Pastry Sheest 12 x 625g

    Short Crust pastry sheets 10 x 500g

    Buffet Sausage Rolls (100)

    3" Catering Sausage Rolls (24)


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