We supply a varied amount of take away food trays from J4 trays to HP10 trays, from baked potato trays to chippie trays. Also Insulpac 10oz cups, 12oz cups and lids to fit. Cling Film to Tin Foil, Parchment Paper to Kraft Bags. We do the lot.  Phone for more info

Frozen Veg

Choice Peas 2.5kg

Baby Carrots 2.5kg

Broccoli Florets 1kg

Sweetcorn 2.5kg

Diced Swede 1kg

Cut Leeks 1kg

Mixed Vegetables 1kg

Cut Green Beans 12kg

Diced Carrots 1k

Baton Carrots 1kg

Brussel Sprouts 1kg

Cauliflower 2.5kg

"Always helpful with a good product range, prompt deliveries and always helpful. Keep us informed and up to date on the industry"

Buchan Braes Hotel