Extensive grocery supplies for your long and short term needs

The biggest selection, the Norfood grocery choice provides everything you need to operate your catering  business day to day. Included are common and frequent use items together with store cupboard items that you need to have available.
  • Tuna

    Caterers Pride Tuna 6 x 1.74kg

    Tuna Chunks in Brine 6 x 1.88kg

    Caterers Pride Tuna Chunks  in Brine 1kg pouch

    Caterers Pride Tuna in Brine 6 x 800g

    Caterers Pride Tuna 185g

  • Beans

    Chef William 6 x 3kg

    Baked Beans 6 x 800g

    Heinz Baked Beans 6 x 2.6kg

    Heinz Baked Beans 12 x 415g

    Heinz Baked Beans 48 x 200g

    Red Kidney Beans 6 x 800g

    Kidney Beans 6 x 2.6kg

    Butter Beans 2.5kg

    Borlotti Beans 3kg

    Canellini Beans 800g

    Five Bean Salad 800g 

  • Tomatoes

    Chopped Tomatoes 2.55kg

    Chopped Tomatoes 6 x 800g

    Tomato Paste 6 x 800g

    Sun Dried Tomatoes 1kg

  • Canned Meats

    Corned Beef 2.720kg

    Chopped Pork 1.82kg

    Wikinger Hot Dogs 8's Glass Jar

  • Sweetcorn/Peas

    Sweetcorn 6 x 2.6kg

    Sweetcorn 12 x 326g

    Chick Peas in Water 800g

    Mushy Peas 3kg

    Sliced Jalapenoa 3kg

  • Canned Fruit

    Solid Pack Apples 6 x 2.6kg

    Fruit Cocktail 800g tin

    Pear Halves in syrup 822g tin

    Peach Slices in Syrup 800g tin

    Pineapple Rings 8 count 6 x 800g

  • Oils

    Cooking Oil 20ltr

    Berio Extra Virgin Oil 5ltr

    Pomace Oil 5ltr


  • Knorr

    A well established and widely known brand that ensures a consistent quality. Here, you will find extensive options for bouillon and pastes that are versatile.

    Knorr Chicken Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Beef Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Vegetable Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Ham Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Lamb Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Clear Fish Bouillon 1kg

    Knorr Cheese Boullion 1kg

    Knorr Gravy Bucket 25Ltr

    Knorr Beef Gravy Paste 25ltr

    Knorr Chicken Gravy Paste 25ltr

    Knorr Cajun Paste 885g

    Knorr Patak's Paste Tandoori 1kg

    Knorr Patak's Paste Madras 1kg

    Knorr Patak's Paste Balti 1kg

    Knorr Patak's Paste Tikka Masala 1kg

    Knoor Pastak's Paste Rogan Josh 1kg

    Knorr Patak's Paste Korma 1kg

    knorr Patak's Paste Jalfrezi 1kg

    Knorr Patak's Paste Tikka 1kg

    Knorr Blue Dragon Paste Char Siu 1kg

    Knorr Blue Dragon Paste Thai Green 1kg

    Knorr Paste Thai Red 1kg

  • Bisto

    Bisto provides a range of easy-to-use, versatile, savoury ingredients that enable chefs to make great food everyday, with a wide variety of possible use across classic, traditional and more contemporary dishes.

    Bisto Beef Bouillon 1kg

    Bisto Chicken Bouillon 1kg

    Bisto Vegetable Bouillon 1kg

    Bisto Gravy Granules 1.9kg

    Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules 1.9kg

  • Maggi Bouillon

    Maggi have been trusted by chefs for many years. Well known as suppliers to the foodservice industry Norfood are pleased to offer the commonly used and popular products from Maggi.

    Maggi beef Bouillon 2kg

    Maggi Chicken Bouillon 2.5kg

    Maggi Vegetable Boullion 2kg

  • Maggi Gravy

    These Maggi gravies are Bain-marie stable and Freeze-thaw stable, making a useful and versatile ingedient for all types of cooking. Maggi products bring out the best in fresh and natural ingredients.

    Maggi original Gravy Mix 2kg - A free flowing powder that when prepared pours perfectly over meat or vegetables to enhance and add a real depth and richness to any meal.

    Maggi Bechmel Sauce 2kg - Maggi Béchamel Sauce is perfect for cheese sauce, parsley sauce, and as a topping for lasagne

    Maggi Demi Glace 2kg - Maggi Demi Glace Satisfaction guaranteed - 7 out of 10 chefs prefer MAGGI Demi-Glace over the leading competitor

  • Oatmeal

    Oatmeal from Hamlyns that is produced from premium Scottish oats, grown and milled in the Scottish countryside. Guaranteed to be 100% Scottish from seed to mill to pack. All made from the whole grain with nothing added. No preservatives, no additives, no sweeteners. Just traditional healthy Scottish oats. Oatcakes supplied by Arran oatcakes, manufactured on the Isle of Arran.

    Hamlyns Oatmeal 3kg

    Hamlyns Oatmeal 25kg

    Oatcakes 16 x 75g

  • Pasta

    The Pasta collection is sourced to give you a choice. Leading and local brands supplemented by a variety of suppliers design to give you the best possible mix of cost and quality.

    Penne 3kg

    Marshall’s Macaroni 3kg

    Macaroni 3kg

    Spaghetti 3kg

    Fusilli 3kg

    Knorr Lasagne 3kg

    Osprio Lasagne 500g

    Tagliatelle 500g

    Cannelloni 250g

  • Rice

    Rice choices that are sourced to give flexibility in purchase options. Included are leading and local brands with additional options from a variety of suppliers to give you price and quality options.

    Bali Wild Rice 1kg

    Riso Crem Arborio Rice 1kg

     Veetee Long Grain Rice 5kg

    Veetee Basmati Rice 5kg

    Veetee Thai Fragrant Rice 5kg

    Cous Cous 1kg

  • Pulses

    Pulses supplied by Ospiro, the leading brand supplier to the foodservice industry.

    Barley 3kg

    Broth Mix 3kg

    Red Split Lentils 3kg

    Green Split peas 3kg

    Yellow Split Peas 3kg

  • Purees

    Simplea Essentials combine freshness with convenience to meet caterer's everyday needs in these vital volume products. The Simplea concept is to provide the Chef with quality products that save them time and needless effort. Also available is the Knorr puree, a well-known and established brand.

    Simplea Garlic Puree 1kg

    Knorr Garlic Puree 750g Jar

    Knorr Ginger Puree 750g Jar

  • Colman's

    With nearly 200 years of history in producing sauces and mustards, Colman's is the identifable brand in many establishments. The well-earned reputation as a market leader is based on a consistent quality product.

    Colman's Horseradish 2ltr - Hot and fiery, perfect to have with your roast beef

    Colman's Tartare Sauce 2ltr

    Colman's English Mustard 2ltr - Original English mustard makes any meal instantly delicious – this is a classic.

    Colman's French Mustard 2ltr

    Colman's Dijon Mustard 2ltr

    Colman's Wholegrain Mustard 2ltr - Go to town with the Colman's Wholegrain and perk up your mealtime favourites.

    Colman's Prawn Cocktail Sauce 2ltr

  • Mayonnaise

    A choice of suppliers for you to choose from. Hellmann's, the industry leader and household brand name. Other products by Oasis who supply a versatile range of quality mayonnaise products made with the very finest ingredients and manufactured in the UK. Oasis Foods has been producing the highest quality mayonnaise for 20 years. Trusted by many of the biggest names in the foodservice industry.

    Extra Thick Mayonnaise 10ltr

    Extra Thick Mayonnaise 5ltr

    Low Fat Mayonnaise 5ltr

    Premium Mayonnaise 10ltr

    Hellman’s Mayonnaise Real 10ltr

    Real Mayonnaise 10ltr

  • Flavoured Mayonnaise

    Flavoured mayonnaise supplied by Oasis who supply a versatile range of quality mayonnaise products made with the very finest ingredients. Oasis Foods has been producing the highest quality mayonnaise for 20 years. Trusted by many of the biggest names in the foodservice industry.

    Coronation 2.5kg

    Spicy Mexican  2.5kg

    Tikka Mayo 2.5kg

  • Crisps/Nuts

    Tortilla Chips 12 X 500g



  • Pesto

    Green Pesto 500g

    Red Pesto 470g

  • Spices

    Black Pepper Powder 500g jar

    Black Pepper Coarse Pillow Pack 400g

    White Pepper Powder 500g jar

    Whole Black Pepper 500g jar

    Pink Peppercorns 250g jar

    Curry Powder Madras Hot 450g jar

    Curry Powder Madras Mild 450g jar

    Chilli Powder 500g jar

    Crushed Chillies 300g jar

    Ground Tumeric 500g jar

    Ground Cinnamon 430g jar

    Ground Cumin 500g jar

    Blackened Cajun 600g jar

    Bay Leaves 500g

    Paprika 500g

    Mixed Herbs 500g jar

    Oregano 150g

    Parsley 95g

    Fajita Seasoning 530g

    Poppy Seed Blue 600g jar

    Star Aniseed 1kg

    Sesame seeds 580g jar

    Garum Masala 450g jar

    Arrowroot 500g jar

  • Topping Sauce

    Topping Sauce to top the pudding!

    Chocolate Flavour Topping Sauce 500g

    Raspberry Flavour Topping Sauce 500g

    Strawberry Topping Sauce 500g

    Toffee Topping Sauce 500g

  • Olives

    Olives a versitiles ingredient to cooking.

    Pitted Green Olives 800g jar

    Pitted Black Olives 800g jar


"Norfood provide us with a great service and their range of products meet our needs perfectly. . . very helpful during the years I have done business with them"

Keith Crocket, Sizzlers

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