Comprehensive Non-food range

While the focus is very much on delivering excellent quality ingredients, which also helps by providing a huge range of non-food items. These commonly used non-food items such as packaging and janitorial supplies are available to you through Norfood at excellent prices. Ensuring that you get everything you need to keep your kitchen moving, your customers happy, all from a single point of ordering.
  • Packaging

    Packaging that helps you provide a fast turnaround of customers at a cost effective price. The packaging available to you includes items for takeaway such as various trays and boxes supplemented by cups and lids. Everything you need from a packaging supplier in one simple place as you order your food supplies!

    Cling Film Cutter Box 300mm x 300m

    Cling Film cutter Box 450mm x 300m

    Tin Foil 450m x 75m

    Cling Film refill 30cm x 300m x 3

    Cling Film Refill 45cm x 300m x 3

    Tin Foli Refill 45cm x 90m x 3

    Tin Foil Refill 30cm x 90m x 3

    B/Parch Cutter Box 45cm x 75m

    25 x 10oz Insulpac Cup

    25 x 12oz Insulpac Cup

    100 x 10oz Insulpac Lids

    100 x 12oz Insulpac Lids

    125 HP2 White Hotpac Trays

    125 HP3 White Hotpac Trays

    125 HP6 White Hotpac Tray

    1000 Kraft Bags

    !00 Knives/Forks/Spoons

    32 x 30cm 1 ply Napkins

    Disposable Gloves (100) Medium or Large

  • Janitorial

    This recently introduced  range of janitorial supplies has proved very popular with customers. Additional products are being sourced and added at the request of our customers. Check back regularly on this page as new product lines are added.

    Blue 2 ply 150cm Centrefeed

    White 2 ply 150cm Centrefeed

    White 1 ply Mini Centrefeed 120m x 12

    Black Bags (200) 18" x 29" x 39" x 140 gauge

    Bleach 5ltr

    Bacterial Washing Up Liquid 5ltr EN 1276 Approved

    Essential Machine Dishwasher 5ltr

    Rinse Aid 

    Deepio Spray 750ml

    Handy Bacterial 750ml

    Scouring Pads (10)

    Galvanised Scouring Pads (10)


"Norfood provide us with a great service and their range of products meet our needs perfectly. . . very helpful during the years I have done business with them"

Keith Crocket, Sizzlers

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