Packaging that helps you provide a fast turnaround of customers at a cost effective price. The packaging available to you includes items for takeaway such as various trays and boxes supplemented by cups and lids. Everything you need from a packaging supplier in one simple place as you order your food supplies!

Cling Film Cutter Box 300mm x 300m

Cling Film cutter Box 450mm x 300m

Tin Foil 450m x 75m

Cling Film refill 30cm x 300m x 3

Cling Film Refill 45cm x 300m x 3

Tin Foli Refill 45cm x 90m x 3

Tin Foil Refill 30cm x 90m x 3

B/Parch Cutter Box 45cm x 75m

25 x 10oz Insulpac Cup

25 x 12oz Insulpac Cup

100 x 10oz Insulpac Lids

100 x 12oz Insulpac Lids

125 HP2 White Hotpac Trays

125 HP3 White Hotpac Trays

125 HP6 White Hotpac Tray

1000 Kraft Bags

!00 Knives/Forks/Spoons

32 x 30cm 1 ply Napkins

Disposable Gloves (100) Medium or Large

In the Chiller

The complete chiller stockist, Norfood will delivery everything you need to have in the chiller day to day. Dairy products including milk and cheese, eggs and meats such as bacon and gammon or cooking meat and chicken. With regular deliveries then you can be assured of the freshest produce on hand at all times. A comprehensive chiller to cover your every need. Norfood, foodservice for Aberdeen and Grampian.

Hot and Cold Drinks

In the drinks category you will find hot and cold drinks. There is a selection of tea and coffee. Also introduced in 2011 a full range of soft drinks provided for you at high competitive prices. the ideal foodservice solution for Aberdeen and Grampian.

From the Grocer

The largest selection, the Norfood grocery choice provides everything you need to operate your catering  business day to day. Included are common and frequent use items together with store cupboard items that you need to have available. Regular needs such as tuna, sweetcorn, tomatoes, beans and canned fruit. Here you will also find essential supplies such as cooking oil, Knorr Bouillon, Maggi Bouillon and Bisto Bouillon all supplemented by Maggi Gravy. There are also dried good here such as pasta, rice, oatmeal and pulses. You can choose from a selection of accompaniments such as Colmans Sauces, mayonnaise, flavoured mayonnaise, vinaigrette, pickles and chutneys together with purees. In fact, everything you need for the day to day and store cupboard. Your foodservice partner for Aberdeen and Grampian.

Frozen Section

A full selection of frozen products to suit every catering need. With prawns, crab and haddock in the seafood section. A choice of breads so its always to hand. You will find frozen chicken and a range of frozen products such as burgers, sausage and hash browns. Not forgetting frozen chips. All of which provides you with a selection giving quality at excellent prices. Your foodservice partner for Aberdeen and Grampian.

When you need Sauce

Norfood bring you an extensive selection of sauces from manufacturers with proven taste and quality credentials in the industry. Includes market leaders such as Knorr Sauces and Heinz Sauces. You will also find a selection of condiments here and suaces from specialised produces such as The Sauce Company and also Atlantic Foods. All brands that are renowned for quality and consistency. Supplier to foodservice industry in Aberdeen and Grampian.

For the Bakery

When you need to buy bakery products, then, Norfood is your ideal source. Here you will find the ideal selection for the busy production area. There is flour from Scottish mills, sugar, preserves and dried fruit for use on every baking occasion. There is also an extensive selection from Dr Oetker. With competitive pricing and fast, friendly and efficient local delivery network, your needs will be met time after time. Delivering foodservice to Aberdeen and Grampian.

"Always helpful with a good product range, prompt deliveries and always helpful. Keep us informed and up to date on the industry"

Buchan Braes Hotel

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