Dark Chocolate Bars 3kg £9.00, Dark Chocolate Drops 3kg £9.00
Milk/Plain Chocolate Bar 3kg £10.20, White Choclate Bar 3kg £12.00Mini White Marshmallows 500g £2.60 

Meet the Team that delivers consistency and value every time

Eddie Martin



Eddie Martin is the owner of Norfood. With over 30 years experience of supply in the food industry, Eddie's extensive knowledge ensures that Norfood gets the best deal every time to pass on to you. Prior to starting Norfood, Eddie gained experience from working with both small and large food businesses.

The experience that Eddie has built up over the years means that he knows and understands the foodservice industry in detail. He also understands what it is like to run a small business in the industry, so can relate to the issues and challenges many of Norfood's customers face every day.




Jasper Steer


Jasper is a 30 year veteran of the food service industry and brings huge experience to Norfood. Jasper has worked with the largest foodservice companies in the UK and has built an understanding and relationship with suppliers and manufacturers alike.

Since joining Norfood Jasper has dedicated his time to meeting with customers and ensuring that they have exactly what they need to deliver for their customer base. Jasper provides advice and support but also listens to the feedback from customers to improve the range and content of the Norfood product portfolio. Working with a smaller business Jasper has found that he can influence and make a huge difference to customers, that's what drive him!




David Smith













Graham Cuthill













Cameron Martin









Jill Pickard




Jill has worked in the food industry for many years, and has worked for Norfood for the last 10 years and has enjoyed her time there.











"Have used Norfood for many years and have found them to be very helpful, providing a good service, competitive pricing and through the years built up a very good relationship"

Brian Murray, Take5 Catering