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Perfect every time, sauces from local suppliers and brand leaders

Norfood bring you an extensive selection of sauces from manufacturers with proven taste and quality credentials in the industry. The list below includes market leaders, household brands and local brands that are renowned for quality and consistency.
  • Sauce Co

    The suace company is based in the North Lakes and produces excellent quality suaces for use in the foodservice industry. Fast becoming a well establsihed brand within the industry the reputation of the Sauce Company is very rapidly becoming recognised.

    BBQ Sauce 2.5kg - The original American recipe full of sticky honey and Hickory barbecue flavour

    Cajun 2.5kg - A rich tomato based sauce blended with cajun spices - a taste of the Deep South

    Caesar Dressing 2.27kg

    French  Vinaigrette 2.2kg  Jar

    Pomadora Sauce 2.5kg - A beautiful combination of tomato, garlic, celery seed and parsley creating a sweet tomato herb infused sauce

    Honey & Chilli Sauce 2.5kg - Natural honey and chillies - the ultimate sweet and hot flavour

    Honey & Mustard 2.2kg

    Salsa Sauce 2.5kg - Great for Mexican food.

    Sweet Chilli Sauce 2.5kg - A sweet yet hot spicy chilli sauce, ideal for dipping

    Sweet Chilli Sauce 725ml

    Spicy Pizza Sauce 2.6kg

    Young’s Curry Sauce Mix - A sweet and fruity curry sauce - chip shop style

    Young's Curry Sauce Mix 4.5kg

    White Wine 3ltr

    Red Wine 3ltr

    White Wine Vinegar 5ltr

    Balsamic Vinegar 5ltr

    Cider 3ltr

    Cooking Brandy 2ltr

    Dark Soy Sauce 1ltr

  • Knorr

    Knorr Sauces require no introduction. A well established market brand leader with a long track record of supplying to the foodservice industry. These are simple to use sauces. Just pour over prepared meat, fish or vegetables, simmer until piping hot throughout and serve. Can also be used as a dipping sauce. All Knorr sauces and pastes are microwaveable, freeze-thaw and bain-marie stable for at least 3 hours.

    Knorr Korma Sauce 2.2ltr - Korma sauces, a mild and creamy coconut curry.

    Knorr Rogan Josh Sauce 2.2ltr - Rogan Josh, a rich, medium curry with tomato and cardamon

    Knorr Balti Sauce 2.2ltr

    Knorr Tikka Masala Sauce 2.2ltr - Spicy Tikka Masala, hot and spicy curry with tomatoes, cream and onions

    Knorr Jalfrezi Sauce 2.2ltr - Jalfrezi Sauce, a medium to hot curry with sweet peppers, tomato and coconut.

    Knorr Madras Sauce 2.2ltr

    Knorr Sweet & Sour 2.25kg

    Knorr Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 2.25ltr - Packed with red chillies, red bell peppers and garlic to create the perfect blend of sweetness and heat. The new blend will take Thai dishes to a new level with its inspiring, smooth flavour. Ideal as a dipping sauce or for pouring over meat, fish and vegetables

    Knorr Hollandaise Sauce 1ltr

    Knorr Econ Curry Sauce 1kg

  • AAK Foods

    Premium Tartare Sauce 2.27ltr

    Coarse Grain Mustard 2.27ltr

    English Mustard 2.27ltr 

    French Mustard 2.27ltr

    Dijon Mustard 2.27ltr


  • Heinz

    Probably the most popular range of sauces in the world. Customer look for these sauces as a mark of quality and consistency.

    Heinz Tomato Sauce Sachets 1 x 200

    Heinz H P Sauce Sachets 1 x 200

    Heinz Mayonnaise Sachets 1 x 200

    Heinz Tartare Sauce Sachets 1 x 200

    Heinz Salad Cream Sachets 1 x 200

    Heinz English Mustard 1 x 300

    Heinz Malt Vinegar 1 x 250

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 2.55kg

    Heinz Salad Cream 2.27kg

    Heinz H P Sauce 12 x 255g

    Heinz H P Sauce 2.23kg

    Heinz Mayonnaise 2.15kg

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 12 x 342g

    Heinz L & P Worcester Sauce 290ml

    Heinz L & P Worcester Sauce 568ml

    Heinz Amoy Egg Noodles 250g

  • Condiments

    A full range of condiments sourced from suppliers who have an established track record in the foodservice industry. Provided here to give you  options away from the major brands mentioned above. All condiments listed provide good quality at a reasonable cost.

    Tomato Ketchup 1ltr

    Brown Sauce 1ltr

    Salad Cream 1ltr

    Burger Mustard 1ltr

    Burger Sauce 1ltr

    Plain Mayonnaise 1ltr

    Catering Ketchup 4ltr

    Tomato Ketchup 4ltr

    Brown Sauce 4ltr

    Salad Cream 4ltr

    Tomato Sauce Sachets (200)

    Salad Cream Sachets (200)

    Brown Sauce Sachets (200)

    Tartare Sauce Sachets (200)

    Mayonnaise Sachets (200)

    Malt Vinegar Sticks  (200)

    Malt Vinegar 5ltr

    White Vinegar 5ltr

    Table Salt 6kg

    Table Salt 3kg

  • Pickle & Chutney

    Caramelised onion 2kg - From The Sauce Company. An explosion of onion with a hint of caramel, sweet and full of flavour

    Mango Chutney 2.8kg   Jar - From The Sauce Company. A fresh tasting and easy to use traditional sweet mango chutney

    Branston pickle 2.5kg - Needs no introduction. Branston Pickle is the nation's favourite pickle and perfectly compliments cheese and ham sandwiches. For something different, try stirring Branston Pickle into pies, casseroles and stews for extra taste.

    Sliced Beetroot 2.27ltr

    Gherkins 2.45kg

    Gherkins 670g



"Great depth of knowledge, quality and flexible. A  local company to deal with, that's why they have supplied us for over 20 years"

Mariner Hotel, Aberdeen

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